The Best Gifts for Gamblers

Selecting the right present or The Best Gifts for Gamblers for a close one is an overwhelming task on its own, and it becomes even more difficult when you are trying to target an interest that you have absolutely no idea about. If you have a gambler in your life and are clueless as to what will make them light up, here are the top 7 gifts that will really surprise them:

Casinopoly board game
Casinopoly board game Best Gifts for Gamblers

1.     Customized Playing Cards

Every gambler will have a deck of cards lying around, but no one really has custom playing cards! There are a number of websites that can help you design playing cards that are sure to become a gambler’s favorite for practically everything, from blackjack to poker practice. Similarly, personalized poker chip case sets also make an ideal present. Gifting one set will ensure that every game has a personal touch to it, which will surely be cherished whenever they are played with.

2.     Round Trip Tickets Poker/Pool Tournament Tickets

Give the gambler in your life a chance to witness some of the best billiard players in the world compete. Send your loved one off to Reno or Vegas for a weekend of casino fun to quarry their skills in the games of chance. There are also slots tournaments at these casinos.

3.     A Real Slot Machine

No gambler’s prized collection is complete without a real slot machine. It may be expensive and a little difficult to get hands on, especially during the months right before Christmas, but if you have the cash, you can be positive that your gift will definitely be the most memorable one. Start your search with local antique shops, and take it online if you fail to find something impressive. You will be able to browse through a number of options and benefit from free shipping (if you look good enough). Just make sure the recipient is legal to own a slot machine. No one wants to be arrested on a joyful day.

4.     Casinopoly

Casinopoly is an add-on to Monopoly, which spices things up on the board game. Between passing Go and buying properties, you will face off with your peers in all kinds of casino games! It has everything, from roulette to slots to blackjack to craps, which means a gambler is sure to swoon over this thoughtful gift.

5.     Gamer Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great gift as they provide you an opportunity to combine several ideas into a single personal and unique presentation. Fill these baskets with your gambler’s favorite deck of cards, bricks of billiard chalk, gift certificates, and poker game snacks. Here, you can get as creative as you like and the results will not seem out of place.

6.     Billiard Gift Sets

Is the gambler in your life a billiard enthusiast? Keep him or her in the game with a custom-made cue stick cases, chalk holders, billiard gloves, and table brushes. If they have a pool table at home, present them with items that they can dress up their poolroom with. Examples include personalized pub signs, mirrors or lighting designed with their favorite beverage logos. Alternatively, give them a set of personalized billiard balls and a racking triangle. Any of these ideas are a great way to tell the gambler in your life how much you appreciate their skills and liking for this strategic game.

7.     A Game Timer

It is easy to lose track of time when you are gambling. If you have a friend that often is carried away at online casinos, one of the thoughtful gifts you can present them with is a timer that will act as a reminder. Look for something they can simply set and forget. A timer with a casino theme is a win-win, as it will show how much you care about both their passion for gambling and their personal life.

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Last Updated: April 25, 2022