Gambling Superstitions – What You Can Do To Increase Your Luck

Gamblers are superstitious, and there is no way to avoid it. The very nature of being lucky is an innate quality of gamers when they win, and when they don’t, they will always blame the loss to some external force.

The short term variances are seen by players in their condensed playing periods sometimes back up their claims.

Gamblers manifest their beliefs or superstitions in varying ways. There are those that get attached to physical objects or routines¸ while others stick to certain colors or numbers when playing at online casinos as well as land-based casinos.

In this article, we look at some of the gambling superstitions from around the world. (if you are more of non-believing type person we also have several strategy articles you can read through)

1. Crossing Fingers Vs. Crossing Legs

One superstition is that crossing legs at the betting table prevent any good luck that you might have attracted. On the other hand, crossing fingers, just like in any other aspect of everyday life, should help you score a win.  This is what superstitious gamblers will tell you.

2. Gambling Colour

One of the most interesting and common superstitions from Asia is that Red is a lucky gambling colour. More specifically, Chinese people view red as a colour of prosperity, and thus, a colour that brings good luck.

You will find that superstitious gamblers wear red shoes, red trousers, and underwear or any other item that is red with the belief that it will increase their chances of winning. In Macau, you will find some casinos with red rooms which are specifically meant to attract good luck.

3. The Main Casino Entrance

There are some people who believe that walking in through the front door of a land-based casino will attract bad luck.

This belief when there was a gigantic lion at the MGM Grand Casino entrance, which forced visitors to walk in through the actual jaw of the animal on their way to the gaming floor.

Even though the MGM Grand had their entrance changed eventually, some players still use the side doors instead of the main entrance, just in case.

4. To Look Away or Not

There are gamblers who believe that leaving the table or walking away while betting will help hitch a winning combo. Others believe that if they hide the screen away when the game is still on will bring them luck. On the other hand, there are those who do not look away for fear that this would interfere with the game and bring bad luck.

5. Number 7 is the Lucky Number and Number 13 the Unlucky

This is quite amusing! “What is in a number?” you might ask. Truth be told, there are so many numbers that can be considered as good luck or bad luck numbers. But we will agree that there is none that is as famous as the numbers 7 and 13.

Often, 13 has always been believed to attract bad luck, particularly in western culture. The origin of this bad lack is believed to date back to the Last Supper when thirteen people sat at the table. Or to be more specific, because Judas Iscariot was among the 13, and he later betrayed Jesus Christ!

Whether this is the truth about its origin or not, 13 is with no doubt, one of the most famous numbers associated with bad luck.

This can be seen in online casinos, where people seem to be so careful with the number 13, especially when playing roulette.

6. Do Not Count Money at the Table

This is something that superstitious bettors tend to avoid. It is believed, especially by card players that you will attract bad luck by counting money when gambling at a casino. Others view it as being unprofessional and extremely rude.

7. Wash (or not wash) Your Hands to Change the Fortune

This is a common belief among the Chinese players but also becoming popular among the westerners. The point of washing the hands is to specifically change the course of your luck. When in the middle of a losing streak, you need to rush and wash your hands and wash the bad luck away.

On the contrary, if you are on a roll of a lifetime, you should avoid washing your hands to avoid washing away good luck.

8. No Touching of Shoulders or Mentioning of Books

This is more common in Chinese culture. It is believed that mentioning anything to do with books is unlucky. The explanation for this is that the Chinese translation for a book is close to “lose”. When it comes to touching a shoulder, it is not considered bad luck in gambling but is also a rude gesture.

Last Updated: April 26, 2022