What Is ‘Payout Percentage’?

The payout percentage is the expected amount a player will receive after a certain amount of plays have been completed. This is the estimated amount to be paid back to the player on slots and other casino games and can be expected as a general overall payout throughout gameplay. The amount has been determined by a series of tests and plays which ultimately reveal the ‘payout percentage’ of the casino.

How Can I Find A Casinos RTP Percentage?

Some online casinos do not willingly exhibit their RTP % and some casinos do not have over RTP %. However, there are a few that share this information which is usually located in the terms and conditions or payout section of the casino. While there are those that display their %, there are also reviews that describe the overall return to player percentage.

What Are the Best Paying Games at an Online Casino?

The best paying games are those that offer a medium to high RTP percentage which ranges from 96% to approximately 99%. The best paying games are also slots games; these tend to return a profit to players more frequently than casino table games.

Does a High Payout Percentage Determine If a Casino Is Good?

The RTP of an online casino is determined by the overall return to player percentage on the games so while some games are higher in returns; the games that are lower will be equalized due to higher-paying games. So in essence, the RTP of the casino doesn’t really impact payouts, it’s the RTP of the individual casino games that determine if the casino is good or not.

What to Look Out For When Looking For Best Paying Casinos?

Players should seek out qualities such as licensing agreements, high RTPs, a wide variety of casino games and good reviews. This will ensure a quality gaming experience that will return higher payouts to players than poor quality online casinos. The best paying casinos will display their return to player percentages allowing for easy selection and a transparent membership.