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The casinos to pay their players out the fastest, without any hassles, are the ones regarded as the best kind of casinos. With the online industry of casino gaming in its peak, it’s important to understand how these casinos work, where to find them and to understand the qualities that define them. The best payout casinos are those to not only deliver a great return to player percentages but they also add to the player’s overall gaming experience.

Learn about RTPs, how they work and how they are calculated to help you find the best payouts and have fun while earning the best rewards online casino gaming has to offer.

Explore the world of opportunity, change the way you game and discover why players from around the world are choosing the best payout casinos or not gaming at all. Everything you need to know is right here, in a nutshell, written to improve your way of modern casino gambling and changing the way you get paid out.

Top Paying Casinos In New Zealand September 2020
Rank Casino Bonus Visit Info Review
Betway Logo of Betway casino $1000 Play now
  • Well-known & trusted casino
  • Astonishing lump sum payouts (97%+)
Gaming Club Logo of Gaming Club casino $350 Play now
  • A multilingual customer support team
  • Free download and instant play
Sloty Casino Logo of Sloty Casino casino $1500 Play now
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • $1500 welcome bonus offer
Wildz Casino Logo of Wildz Casino casino $500 + 200 free spins Play now
  • Wide variety of pokies and table games
  • Solid NZD banking options
Casinoland Logo of Casinoland casino $800 Play now
  • Exciting & enjoyable experience
  • Utterly rewarding casino
Royal Vegas Logo of Royal Vegas casino $1200 Play now
  • Royal treatment at Royal Vegas
  • Award-winning customer service
7. Logo of casino $400 + 200 free spins Play now
  • Play all your favorite online casino games!
  • Award-winning customer service
Rizk Logo of Rizk casino $100 + 50 free spins Play now
  • Lucrative Bonus Offer
  • SSL Encryption Technology

How to Find the Best Payout Online Casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand offers players many opportunities to sign with the best payout casinos, players simply need to know what to look for. There are many online casinos and for novice players finding these kinds of casinos can prove to be both trying and fruitless.

If you don’t know what you are looking for there is a very good chance your gaming experience will be impacted in a negative means as players experience loss and cannot claim their winnings. So in order to avoid this, this is how you find the best payout casinos in New Zealand.

Licensed Casinos

Licensed casinos have been regulated and the games have been approved by licensing commissions which ensures that the player is paid out when winnings are requested. It is only licensed casinos that earn their reputation for being the best payout casinos as they adhere to the laws and regulations set in place by governing bodies.

Reviewed Casinos

Seek out reviews, easy to locate online, for a tried and tested means of locating the best payout online casinos. New Zealand offers a staggering list of reliable reviews, often found on casino locator sites, and this will help you determine which casinos offer the best payouts and which online casinos should be avoided in NZ.

Software Developer Casinos

There are leading software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt which create their own casinos. These are regarded as the best payout casinos as these brands have reputations to uphold, ensuring players are paid out accordingly.

The Best Online Casinos that Payout Big

Looking for big winnings? No problem! Seek out the highest rewards from online casinos with reputations for paying out big. Once again, players can seek these casinos out by reading online reviews or they can take matters into their own hands by determining the casino's payout percentage. In some cases, the casino will display its RTP (return to player) percentage which will aid in choosing the biggest paying casinos.

Another factor you should consider, especially if you are a high roller, is the VIP or rewards programs. Check to see what packages are on offer to determine the payout opportunities of becoming a member.

The best online casinos to offer the biggest payouts are usually the reputable ones that have been licensed and offer high paying games such as progressive or jackpot games. Among such casinos, you will find JackpotCity Casino the best casino in the world Genesis Casino the best casino in New Zealand And Gaming Glub Casino the very first online casino.

Progressive or jackpot games are fairly more difficult to unlock as they require higher bankrolls and more patience, however, most assuredly pay out the biggest rewards. Generally speaking, the most impressionable online casinos, especially ones developed and monitored by leading software developers, offer the best payouts and usually award players on a frequent basis.

All You Need To Know About Return To Player Percentage (RTP)

As mentioned above the biggest payouts are from online casinos with higher RTPs than competing casinos. So what is the RTP percentage and what does it mean? Here is everything you need to know about one of the biggest determining factors of high paying online casinos.

The return to player percentage is what is displayed to show players how frequently the casino pays out. This percentage is calculated over a number of games and hundreds of players, in essence, the RTP is the predicted amount to be paid out over a period of estimated plays.

The higher the RTP % the better the odds of the casino paying out. So for example, if you had to see a casino or an online casino game with an RTP percentage of over 100, the casino is, in fact, making a loss or the casino game has paid out. In this instance, the casino will close its portal leaving members seeking refuge at competing casinos.

A better description is to give an example of an RTP percentage. If a player makes a deposit of NZ$1.00 and the return to player percentage of the casino is 95%, players can expect to receive NZ$0.95 returned when the game does eventually payout. The amount paid out will not be immediate but rather over a series of plays and usually when a player remains faithful to one game rather than jump from one game to the next expecting the game to deliver a high RTP immediately.

The RTP is calculated over a long period of time so players shouldn’t expect a return when alternating between one game and the next but then again it is a gamble and players may strike it lucky!

The Biggest Payouts in the History of Online Casinos

As mentioned above, the biggest payouts are the ones paid out by casino games such as jackpot games or progressive games and the biggest payouts in the history of online casinos include the titles of games to have paid out millions.

Megabucks, a slot game which is available at both online and land based casinos, paid out a software engineer a whopping sum of $1.5 million over the period of 25 instalments. This win took place at the Excalibur casino in 2003. It was one of the biggest recorded payouts in the history of gaming until online gaming became as popular as it is today.

Mega Moolah, also readily available to those seeking it online, has paid out millions over the years. This progressive once paid out $27 million, making it one of the biggest payouts in the history of online gaming.

Other casino games to have paid out the most is poker, a casino card table game renowned for attracting players all across the world to compete in the WSOP tournament where millions are up for grabs. Online casinos offer satellites for a spot in the competition and have been known to payout substantial sums of money.

Other high payout casino games include titles like Mega Joker, Bloodsuckers and Monopoly Big Event which all offer an RTP of over 98%.


What Is ‘Payout Percentage’?

The payout percentage is the expected amount a player will receive after a certain amount of plays have been completed. This is the estimated amount to be paid back to the player on slots and other casino games and can be expected as a general overall payout throughout gameplay. The amount has been determined by a series of tests and plays which ultimately reveal the ‘payout percentage’ of the casino.

How Can I Find A Casinos RTP Percentage?

Some online casinos do not willingly exhibit their RTP % and some casinos do not have over RTP %. However, there are a few that share this information which is usually located in the terms and conditions or payout section of the casino. While there are those that display their %, there are also reviews that describe the overall return to player percentage.

What Are the Best Paying Games at an Online Casino?

The best paying games are those that offer a medium to high RTP percentage which ranges from 96% to approximately 99%. The best paying games are also slots games; these tend to return a profit to players more frequently than casino table games.

Does a High Payout Percentage Determine If a Casino Is Good?

The RTP of an online casino is determined by the overall return to player percentage on the games so while some games are higher in returns; the games that are lower will be equalized due to higher-paying games. So in essence, the RTP of the casino doesn’t really impact payouts, it’s the RTP of the individual casino games that determine if the casino is good or not.

What to Look Out For When Looking For Best Paying Casinos?

Players should seek out qualities such as licensing agreements, high RTPs, a wide variety of casino games and good reviews. This will ensure a quality gaming experience that will return higher payouts to players than poor quality online casinos. The best paying casinos will display their return to player percentages allowing for easy selection and a transparent membership.

Last Updated: September 24, 2020