Cashback Casino

Typically, you will either lose or win while playing at any online casino.  However, you should no longer be worried about losing since Cashback casino bonuses are here to ensure that you do not suffer an extreme loss on a futile bet. As the name suggests, a Cashback casino bonus refers to a specific amount of money (either real or bonus money) that you will be paid back to you after losing a bet at an online casino that offers Cashback bonuses.

What is a cashback casino bonus?

Online casinos are using bonuses to attract more casino game players and retain existing customers. On the players’ side, most payers take advantage of Cashback casino bonuses to play at a reduced risk. Typically, playing at a casino with a Cashback bonus is playing at a lowered risk. This is because you have nothing to lose by participating in the casino Cashback promotions. Precisely, you have already wagered, and all you will be seeking is a specific refund on the total amount you have lost by losing a bet.

Except for special cashback casino bonuses that target certain players like those in the VIP club, Cashback has specific monetary requirements. To qualify into the VIP club at Cashback casino NZ, you need to meet particular conditions.

It is highly recommended that you read through and understand the terms and conditions section before you progress to claim any Cashback casinos NZ bonus. The terms and conditions section explicitly outlines different things, such as the offer’s capping, eligibility, and the nature of games contributing towards a bonus. Therefore, you must read through this section before claiming any Cashback offer.

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How to claim Cashback at casinos?

Once you become a registered member at Cashback casino NZ, claiming the bonus is very easy. You can find the Cashback bonuses at the bonus section on any online casino that offers these bonuses. Typically, casino Cashback operators will provide a specific percentage to be refunded to you after losing. Below are the steps you can follow to receive the bonus automatically from an online casino

  •  Choose  an online casino that offers Cashback bonuses
  •  Register an account 
  •  Login after verification
  •  Navigate to the banking page and make some deposits.
  •  Play for real money
  •  When you lose a game, the casino refund you  a certain amount of  money
  •  The Cashback will be added to your account automatically.
  • You can use the Cashback bonus to play for real money

However, you need to read the Cashback terms and conditions to understand how to qualify.  Assuming that an online provider offers a casino Cashback related to a specific payment method. This means that you will not be eligible for a Cashback after depositing with another payment method rather than the one specific. For instance, if an online casino offers a casino Cashback bonuses for a Neteller deposit, you must use Neteller to deposit to receive the Cashback bonus.

The best cashback casinos in NZ

Several online casinos in New Zealand offer Cashback bonuses. Some of the popular Cashback casinos in New Zealand include Royal Panda, Cookie casino, Vegas lounge, Kassu, and King Billy

Royal Panda: Royal Panda is an online casino in New Zealand that offers casino Cashback to players. This online casino will refund 5% of your deposit when you lose a game. However, at Royal Panda, you will not receive Cashback on the first deposit. Although the cashback percentage at Royal Panda is significantly low compared to other online casinos with Cashback casino bonuses, the maximum deposit limit is a little bit high. Royal Panda’s maximum bonus limit is $1000. Additionally, at this casino Cashback offer has no wagering requirements. This is a great advantage to players.

Cookie Casino: Cookie casino is yet another online casino with Cashback casino bonuses for New Zealand players. Cookie offers are included in weekly bonuses offered to players on a specific day of a week. The fantastic thing about cookie casino Cashback bonuses is they have no maximum bonus limit. You can earn a Cashback casino bonus from any amount of deposit you make in your account. The maximum money you will be paid after winning from a Cashback bonus is $10,000.  Any amount above $10000 will be fortified prior to making a withdrawal request.

Vegas Longue: Vegas Lounge casino was launched in September 2021 by White Hat Gaming LTD. The Vegas Lounge casino has some of the most unique and attractive promotions that are massively contributing to enabling the company to easily penetrate the gaming market, despite being a new online casino. The cashback bonus is one of the many promotions making Vegas Lounge attractive. At Vegas Lounge, you will get fantastic Cashback casino bonuses to help you continue playing even after losing a game. Vegas Lounge will give you a 50% Cashback if you become unlucky in your streak. This is an unprecedented offer as most online casinos in New Zealand will only offer you a Cashback ranging between 15 to 20 percent. If you win at Vegas Lounge, you are free to cash in your money any time you wish to. In short, there is no restriction on your money when you win a game.

However, if you get unlucky and lose your cash, you should not worry.  This is because you are sure of getting 50% of your money back after eight days. You will be eligible to claim your Cashback on the seventh day after losing, and on the eighth day, you will get back 50% of the total losses you made.  For instance, if you deposit $200 and lose the entire amount, you will get back $100 on the eighth day. Isn’t this an incredible offer? You get a chance to play more games. You can also withdraw the $100 if you wish to and use it to do other things. The maximum deposit bonus limit at this casino is $400. Hence you will get a good Cashback after losing.

Kassu Casino: Kassu casino is another online casino that provides Cashback casino bonuses to players. At this online casino, you will be able to get a 10% Cashback for losing a game.  The maximum bonus limit at Kassu casino is $200. A cashback bonus from Kassu has a 0.01x wagering requirement.

King Billy: A fantastic online casino with many bonuses waiting for you. If you desire to play at an online casino that offers impressive games and reward customers’ loyalty handsomely, search no more, King Billy is here for you.  The online casino calls itself “land of joy”; undoubtedly, this is not an exaggeration.  At King Billy online casino, you can easily reach the highest status since this casino offers attractive Cashback bonuses to help you continue playing despite losing a game. Precisely, the bonus at King Billy varies, and it can rise to 15%.  King Billy’s Cashback bonuses are wager-free, and you can use this bonus to play for real money.  This is a perfect illustration of a royal gift, as not many casinos in New Zealand offer Cashback bonuses with no wagering requirements. At King Billy online casino, they trust loyalty needs to reward generously and outright; hats off to this incredible casino.

Pros and cons of cashback bonuses

Pros of Cashback bonus

Apart from the apparent advantage of receiving money after losing a game, Cashback bonuses have other exciting benefits, as illustrated below.

Gaining off your losses: One of the benefits Cashback casino NZ bonus is that the promotion enables you to win a certain amount of money even after losing a game. Hence you can wager a bit more risk-free by having the idea in mind that you will get a certain amount of your deposit back after losing.

No wagering requirements: Contrary to the amount offered within welcome bonus and no deposit bonuses, Cashback offers do not have wagering requirements. This will enable you to keep and cash out the Cashback you receive.

Easy to claim: Claiming and collecting your Cashback bonus is straightforward. Online casinos have automated this process to make it easy, fast, and player-friendly. Once you lose a game, your Cashback will be automatically added to your account.

Cons of Cashback bonus

There are a few setbacks related to Cashback bonuses, as indicated below.

Cashback bonuses are not available in all casinos: Only a limited number of New Zealand’s online casino provides Cashback casino bonuses. Hence, a significant number of players are locked out of these promotions

Cashback limit: There is the highest bonus amount that limits the specific Cashback you can get. For instance, assuming that the maximum limit is $100, and you deposit $300, you only qualify to get a cashback on the maximum deposit amount

Also, Cashback bonuses are allocated to certain games: Most casinos limit the Cashback bonus to specific games.

Overall Cashback Casino bonuses are a great way to get more from playing at casinos, in a way it’s like recycling your money into more opportunities to get more potential wins.

Last Updated: June 19, 2022