How We Rate and Review Casinos and Games

These days there are hundreds of new online casinos showing up in the market, sorting through all of them takes considerable amount of time and effort.

To save you the time, we have a selected team of casino experts, that picks the best and most trustworthy platforms to play at.

We rank the casinos and games according to a wide range of criteria, ranging from specific bonuses to user experience and banking options.

Below you can check some of the main points that we check for every new review, and How We Rate plus the entire processes.

How We Rate Reviews

How Do We Rate our Casino Reviews:

1 – Licensing, Legitimacy, and Reputation

Every online casino looking to start its journey in New Zealand must have a legitimate license. Those licenses are a key aspect of trustworthiness and legitimacy between an outside regulation to the brand.

To put it simple, casino licenses are an indicator that the platform is approved and safe to play at.

We score this section in our reviews, and taking into consideration the kind of license, their legitimacy and operator, and of course the overall casino reputation among users.

2 – Games Variety and Selection

Getting registered to a casino is all nice and technical, but in order to enjoy the casino you will need games, and in this case, the more the better.

Casino game selection is one of our main ranking factors. by letting you pick whatever game you want, you can hop between games to find the ones that suit’s you best.

We are looking for online casinos with a huge variety of casino games and software providers, that will enrich the casino experience for every type of player. Whether if you are fan of live casino play, table games or slot machines, the top casinos offer them all.

3 – Bonuses, Promotions, and Special Offers

Every online casino has different casino bonus, also known as the welcome bonus or first-time player offers. They are the big promotions from the casino to their players, only acceptable for new users and for one time use only.

When we rank a casino in this section, we are looking at the bonus terms and conditions, wagering requirement and every small detail to present a complete picture to the players.

Other than the main bonus the casino may often have, unique tournaments and special seasonal promotions that we take into consideration in the rating score.

4 – Banking Options Both Deposits and Withdrawals

In the banking or payment section, we cover the casino deposit variety and the withdrawal options available from New Zealand users’ perspective. We look at the payment methods both classic, e-wallet and crypto ones.

One key aspect and a very important one for users is the processes time of payments and withdrawals. Plenty of casinos fall short in this category if they limit players from claiming their winnings.

So, we verify the casino processes is smooth and efficient.

5 – Casino Communication and Customer Support

Have you had a problematic casino dispute or even just a random question? We check every online casino on our site will have a clean and understandable way of communication to players.

By rating the casino customer support, we check the various ways you can interact with the casino and get an answer to your query, speed and accuracy are the things we are looking for when ranking this section.

Every casino review on our site is covered both with words and with original images straight from the game or casino, to make sure you have a really good idea what to expect from them.

How Do We Rate Our Online Casino Games:

How we rate on our site

1 – Fun Factor and Replayability

The top casino games must have what it takes to be entertaining and fun, without that you will probably want to even try the game.

Several slot games feature free to play demos of the actual games, to give yourself a taste of the real thing before making your pick for real money.

We take this into consideration and also the overall popularity and reception for the game.

2 – Game Mechanics and Special Features

Some games are easier to play then others and by doing so, they can be enjoyed by a wider variety of players across the world. When we look at specific games to rate, we look into the game mechanics and their unique and special features.

To put it simple a great casino game will have a simple to understand gameplay and on top of that a unique take that makes him stand out from the crowd, such as progressive slots.

3 – Special Offered Bonuses

Getting more from your favorite games is always a good thing. casino games with dedicated special offer, means you can play the game you love, but for much more beneficial terms.

Some special offers for games include free spins, game tournaments, no wager offers, and even dedicated welcome bonuses.

All come into consideration in the rating score.

4 – Mobile Playability

These days playing slot games and casino classic table games is a most on mobile. All the big casino brands have dedicated app that elevated the gaming experience on mobile devices.

Even without specific gaming app, when we check the mobile playability score, we check how well the game runs on mobile devices.

Smooth controls, fast gameplay and dedicated mobile friendly design will give that game an edge and overall, a better score.

5 – Design and Game Symbols

The last rating factor on casino games is a design factor. Everyone is preferring to play a game with updated graphics and modern sound effects.

If you are about to play casino games, you better have, a good and fun game that have a superb design and special effects to keep you motivated and entertained.

We deduct points for games that recycle game icons and effects, so our good picks are definitely worth a try.

How We Rate Star Score Explanation:

When looking at the star score associated with the review, you can expect a simple ranking system from 1 to 5. 1 star being the worst possible option, and 5 stars are the top picks you can find at the moment.

We would recommend anyone to stick with online casinos and games that pass 4 stars and above, they are the safest and most reputable picks across our site.

How We Rate is our own matric to determined the potential of any given casino or game, we research, test and give our personal opinions to the best of our ability.

Affiliation Disclosure

We are affiliated with the casinos featured on this site. this means we are getting commission by delivering users to the brands themselves.

Although we are partnering with the brands on our site this doesn’t mean the reviews are not trustworthy. On the contrary! we are going over each one of them manually and checking they are passing our criteria for a trustworthy NZ online casino.

In case some casinos are going below our rating scores, we are removing them from our lists and letting users know they are blacklisted from our site + not recommended to play at.

To put this simple, we take pride in our work, and we wish to make our platform as practical and safe to all our users.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022