Can I use instant banking to deposit at an NZ online casino?

As mentioned earlier, this is the way most players are choosing to make deposits. Almost every online casino these days will accept deposits made via this method. However, it has become apparent that not many, if any, will allow players to make a withdrawal using instant banking. This will undoubtedly change over time as more players begin using this method and if online casinos want to stay in the game they are definitely going to have to address this.

Do I need a special bank account to make an instant transfer deposit?

The process of making a deposit is incredibly easy and fast. Although almost every online casino will accept this method of depositing money into your casino account it is vital that before making a deposit or even joining a casino that you clarify with your bank that you are able to perform transactions of this nature. It is more than likely that your bank will allow this but it is always a good idea to make sure, just in case.

Is instant banking recommended to use at a casino?

Without a doubt it is. There is a reason more and more players are using this form of payment and hundreds of thousands of people can’t be wrong can they. Well to clarify that, before inserting any of your financial data into a websites page it is vital that you do some research on the casino just to make 100% sure that they are a legitimate casino that is licensed and regulated. This is just to ensure that you will not be duped by one of the many fraudulent casinos that have begun operating in the market.

How soon will my money show in my casino account?

This will be the make or break factor for many a player. The thing is that this question can only be truly answered by the casino you have chosen to join. Although your deposit will reflect immediately according to your bank, the time it takes for it to appear in your casino account is entirely up to the processing times of the casino itself. The funds will usually appear within 24 hours but times will differ from casino to casino.