Prepaid Credit Cards for safe and anonymous payments

Making payments to an online casino account used to be a major hassle, especially when you’d be struggling for hours trying to link a bank account to a casino account, only for it to be denied by the bank. However, times have certainly changed as we can now do these things in a heartbeat, and banking has never been easier. We can also enjoy the convenience, security, and anonymity of paying with a prepaid credit card at your favorite NZ casino.

Prepaid card

Online Casinos accepting Prepaid Cards

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What is a Prepaid Credit Card?

A prepaid credit card is a card supplied by a financial institution that’s protected with prepayment. This means you can preload cash onto the card and spend it as you please. The great thing about these cards is that they’re incredibly secure, which makes them perfect for those who do a lot of online shopping or play online slots with a credit card. The transactions are quick and anonymous, which means that if they’re lost, there’s no danger other than a mild inconvenience.

While prepaid cards may resemble debit or credit cards, they differ. To make a purchase, you’ll need to ensure that the card has been loaded with cash. This method has become extremely popular to the point where online casinos have adopted them as one of the most common means of banking on their platforms.

Purchase and Loading Procedure

Visa Prepaid Credit cards can be obtained at your nearest financial institution, such as Westpac Bank, Kiwibank, and Anz Bank. They can also be purchased online and at various selected stores. These Reloadable Prepaid cards can be topped up by directly transferring money from your bank account to the card, buying a reload pack, or adding funds at the financial institution or retail location that offers the service.

There are various ways to top up your prepaid card; it all comes down to the most convenient option.

Banks that Offer Prepaid Credit Cards in NZ

Prepaid credit cards are available at various banks; below, you’ll see a list of financial institutions and prepaid cards that may be used for travel or making small purchases.

  1. One of the best-prepaid credit cards, Westpac offers NZ options. Check all details directly on the bank’s website Westpac Bank Prepaid Cards.
  2. ANZ prepaid card is available at your local branch of Anz Bank
  3. The Prepaid Credit Card Kiwibank ticks off all the boxes for the safest and most convenient Prepaid Visa Card, which is easy to use and reloadable.

While those mentioned above are some excellent prepaid cards available on the Kiwi market, there are also some of the best credit card casinos we’ll discuss below, allowing you to make quick and easy deposits.

Online Casinos that accept Prepaid Credit Cards

Casino Brand Prepaid Cards Accepted
Jackpot City Casino NZJackpot City is one of the leading online casinos in New Zealand and also hosts a variety of banking methods, including the use of a Visa prepaid card.
Royal Vegas Casino NZRoyal Vegas provides its players with a great variety of banking options, including using an online casino prepaid credit card.
Playamo Casino NZPlayamo not only has a games selection of over 3000 titles, but Playamo Casino is also a grand online casino that accepts Prepaid MasterCard and Visa.
Betway Casino NZBetway Casino is another well-established brand with a reputation for being one of the best-prepaid credit card casinos.
PlayOJO Casino NZPlayOJO offers a variety of games and many banking options for Kiwi players, including prepaid Visa cards for safe and anonymous deposits.
Casino Lab NZCasino Lab is one of the best new online casinos that has already gained a lot of popularity among NZ players and offers several different payment methods, including prepaid Visa.

What Prepaid Credit Cards are Available?

If you head onto any NZ online casino, you’re sure to find that VISA or MasterCard (mostly both) will be available. If the casino only accepts prepaid credit cards, it will specify that, but usually, it will take any form of VISA or MasterCard payment. This means that you’ll be able to use prepaid cards at your favorite online casino and not worry about security or any breach of privacy, as your deposit will be completely anonymous.

The UK has seen its share of adversity as credit cards were banned from being used for gambling purposes. This new regulation has left a hole in the market where prepaid credit cards have taken place in the online gaming community. Players have started using disposable credit cards that leave no trace of identity and are relatively convenient to use. Luckily, this is not the case in New Zealand, and credit cards, both “regular” and prepaid, are entirely accepted.

Depositing at an online casino with a prepaid card is relatively easy. Your first step is to access the Cashier Page, head into the deposit section, and select your deposit method. Aside from being incredibly secure, prepaid credit or debit cards result in instant deposit times.

Mastercard Logo MasterCard Prepaid Card

Suppose you’re looking for an easier way to pay for small items or to make an anonymous payment at an online casino; look no further than the MasterCard Prepaid card. This cash alternative is proven safer than cash; your money can quickly be recovered if lost. There’s also no bank account required to procure one of these cards, and you won’t need to do a credit check either. The best part about it is that you’ll be able to use it worldwide, where MasterCard is accepted.

Visa Logo Visa Prepaid Card

Visa Prepaid cards are reloadable, safe, and easy to use and form an excellent cash substitute. These cards are great for everyday use and can even be given to your kids to pay for their lunches. Visa Prepaid cards are also protected against unauthorized use and can be used online to make an anonymous purchase or payment into a casino account. Visa Prepaid cards are available at your local financial institution, such as ANZ, Kiwibank, ASB Bank, and more.

Security and Bankroll Regulation

As previously stated, prepaid debit and credit cards are incredibly secure, and you’ll never need to reveal personal data. Due to the absence of banking details and social security numbers, there’s no information to steal. Hence, if you were to lose your card or if it were to be stolen, there’s no way for anyone to use the card maliciously without your permission. So, overall, there are plenty of security benefits relative to using a prepaid card.

You should be careful about ensuring that the gift package containing the prepaid card is perfectly sealed and untouched. Scams have been reported in the past where boxes were slit open and cards replaced with invalid ones.

These cards are also great for responsible financial management as there are limits set to them, which allows them to be used for purchases that stick to the budget. Prepaid cards are disposable, and there are no dire consequences to losing the card. This is the same as what you’d get when going to a fancy arcade or a land-based casino.

Benefits of Cash Voucher Casino Deposits

  1. Get them anywhere: Yes, you can buy these prepaid vouchers in nearly all local shops around your neighborhood.
  2. Instant funding: Your account is credited with money in the blink of an eye. No processing or waiting time; enter the code, and off you go to spin the reels of your favorite pokie.
  3. No personal data is required: regardless of your credit background, a prepaid card allows anyone to deposit anonymously without revealing personal information—a big plus for privacy.
  4. Low minimum deposits: for all those who want to try a casino without investing too much into it, prepaid cards are ideal. $5 minimum deposit casinos are the perfect place to use your prepaid card.

Alternative Prepaid Cards

While Visa and MasterCard are the most popular prepaid options, there are many alternative online casino prepaid options available, such as Paysafecard or Neosurf, which have made it easier for people to bank with online casinos over time. There are plenty of advantages that go hand-in-hand with using a prepaid card; due to the variety of available options and how many casinos offer them, there’s no way that anyone would turn down a quick method that is easy to use and safe. Paysafe Card Vouchers can be bought at your store around the corner, where you top up your transportation card, for example. You then need to enter a 16-digit PIN at the casino’s cashier, and your account is funded in no time.

A few disadvantages come with using a prepaid card, such as additional service charges when using ATMs and a monthly fee for using the reload cards. One of the most significant disadvantages when using prepaid cards is that you won’t be able to use them to make a fast withdrawal. This is due to them not being connected to a bank account, and hence there’s nowhere for the cash to go once it’s removed from the casino wallet.

PIN-based systems remain standard and can be done anywhere from your bank to your local 7Eleven. What makes these so great is that all you need is a pin, and you’ll be able to transfer money directly into your online casino account without using a card. Paysafecard is one of the most popular disposable prepaid cards available today and is used by many gaming fans as the trusted payment method in New Zealand.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022