Are Online Pokies Legal In New Zealand?

Most online casinos have been licensed and regulated; however, there are unfortunately still unlicensed online casinos that are illegally operating in NZ. Otherwise, it is perfectly legal to play online pokies in New Zealand as it has been legalized. Choose a reputable online casino and make sure it has been licensed for a safer gaming experience.

Are All Online Slots Available in New Zealand?

Most online slots are readily available to players in New Zealand, however, there are the latest releases that may not be as accessible as one might like. The newest slots releases only reach the majority of all online casinos around the world after it has been showcased. The older slots games are all available; you just need to find an online casino with an established database.

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP stands for return to player and is the percentage that the game pays out upon landing a winning combination. Players will encounter RTP’s when reviewing pokies and can base their choice of selection on this percentage. The higher the RTP % the more the game pays out when a winning combination has been formed. The return to player is an average prediction on how the game will pay out over approximately one million players.

Can I Pay With NZD On Online Pokies?

Online casinos offer players various payment methods using credit cards, EFT methods and eWallets. If you would prefer to pay using New Zealand dollars, check the banking options offered by the casino before signing. Alternatively, players can transfer NZD into eWallets or use their credit cards should the online casino accepts New Zealand dollars. The casino’s payment method is usually found in the banking section of the casino and players are able to easily identify which methods would be most suitable.

Can Online Pokies Be Manipulated by the Casino?

Many new players are apprehensive about playing pokies online. The fear of a casino manipulating the game in order to win money is a risk player take when they play at unlicensed casinos. The casinos that have received their licenses are regulated by gaming commissions and are tried and tested to ensure the games are under the law of fair play. Fair play casinos use algorithms to determine winning combinations at random.

What’s the Difference between Online Slots and Online Pokies?

Online slots and online pokies are one and the same. New Zealand players refer to online slots as online pokies.

Can I Play Online Pokies on My Smartphone?

If you are a member of an online casino that offers a mobile platform, you have a smartphone and you have internet, you certainly can play pokies from your phone. Many online casinos allow players to access their casino without having to download an application and players simply log onto their mobile browsers to access all the best online pokies NZ.