History of Slots Machines

Original Slot Machines

Amazingly, the History of Slots Machines date back to 1895, which is when mechanically-minded Charles Fey created the first slot game that included only liberty bells as symbols. The goal of the game was to set the mechanical reels in motion by putting the lever on the side and waiting for the reels to stop, hopefully lining up 3 of the bells for a prize. The machine only had one payout, which occurred when each of the 3 reels showed the bell across the single payline. The reels also had card symbols, which at the time did not provide winnings whatsoever, but were rather used to separate the bells and make it a bit more challenging.

History of Slots Machines Then & Now

Less than 10 years later in 1902, most American states have banned slot machines, but instead of giving up on the idea, Fey manages to find a way around its and still keep his new invention popular around the country. Instead of rewarding players with money, he changed the symbols to fruits and altered the rewards with sweets and gum. This was the first variation of a fruit slot machine, which is still a well-known term in countries such as the United Kingdom. Later variations of the same game were introduced in pubs and bars, but instead of fruit symbols, they would include items available at the establishment. For example, slot machines in a pub would include meals as higher payouts while lower symbols would reward you with a beer or a packet of chips.

By the 1980s slot machines had introduced new features and gaming opportunities, thanks to technology allowing these games to transform from purely machinal to electronic. Of course, this introduced a whole new range of features and winning opportunities for players, which were created by many different developers. The games have also begun to spread out in casinos around the world, which occupied as much as 70% of the casino floor. These games don’t just have fruit symbols or the liberty bell either but featured a large variety of themes and features to attract players.

When New Zealand Pokies Came Along

When we look at the history of slot machines in New Zealand, we need to begin with Australia as both of these countries actually share a very similar gambling background when it comes to casino history. Way back in 1953, Len Ainsworth, a respected family man got the Australian gambling markets to begin by creating the very first poker machine, which is also where the term “pokies” come from in both New Zealand and Australia.

Mechanical Slot Machines

The company ventured into other sections of gambling, which eventually included slot machines, much like those created for the American market. These games and many other creations were sold to casinos in the European market by 1960. The company had yet another major breakthrough in 1989 when Aristocrat became a public traded company, which gave them the resources to further enhance their abilities and export games to more countries around the world.

With this, casino games also made the way to New Zealand orders, which was first introduced in hotels and other gaming venues around the country. The first land-based casino was established in Christchurch by 1994, which is the same year online gaming giant Microgaming launched the world of online casinos. However, it would still be many years before New Zealand saw the features of online gambling, especially since these types of casino games had only just arrived.

Even though the New Zealand gaming market began with Aristocrat software, casinos have also included other gaming software developers, offering players a larger gaming selection. As with Australia, the Kiwis also took to gambling very quickly, resulting in revenue of over $2 billion in 2008. The next year’s stats indicated that the New Zealand gambling industry consists of over 20,000 gaming machine, including both poker machines and slots. With the introduction of modern technology and electronic gambling machines, the trade is seeing a steady growth pattern, especially as more modern games are introduced.

Even though New Zealand is one of the last countries to join the modern gambling world, they still manage to include unique features that makes the games different from American variation. For example, with casino games in New Zealand, you will find a feature that tells you how long you have been playing and the amount of money you have spent on the specific game. This is only one of the many additions to pokies, which is implemented by the New Zealand gambling act that will ensure gambling addictions remain as low as possible.

Introduction of Online Pokies

Online Slots today

Even though the first online casino was introduced in the mid-90s, the New Zealand market only started showing interest about 5 years later. Even with the late start, the industry has still grown much bigger with online casinos. However, the land-based casino industry still remains one of the preferred gaming methods as the government is somewhat unclear about how legal it is to play games online. However, the law only revolves around gambling rules and regulations for establishments with in the country. Therefore, it does not state that remote gambling is illegal.

Many online casinos cater to the New Zealand market, offering gaming opportunities from top developers around the world. The online pokies NZ industry is showing steady growth as Kiwi casino enthusiasts join online casinos to gain from the benefits and larger game selection.

Future of Gambling in New Zealand

The future of gambling in New Zealand is rather unpredictable at the moments, especially since the new Australian gambling laws. However, these laws have had no effect on New Zealand’s gambling act as the country still does not limit online casinos.

The country still follows the 4 categories of gambling in the country, which is limited to establishments within New Zealand and does not mention remote gambling. Therefore, many of the biggest online casinos still cater to the market and introduce the latest gaming opportunities. However, since the country does not regulate online gambling, it means these online casinos are registered in other countries and have nothing to do with New Zealand whatsoever.

The future of online gambling might be changed by the gambling act of New Zealand, but many also believe that it will remain the same as the government has not introduced any limitations or laws up to now, even with the major changes made to the Australian market in recent years. Therefore, New Zealand has adapted a somewhat unique view towards online casinos, allowing citizens the freedom to choose how and where they spend their money.

History of Slots Machines and Future on Online Games

When we look at the international online casino industry, or at the online casino industry, you can see that many new trends are being introduced to provide even more opportunities. This doesn’t just revolve around the casinos making it easier to access the games and features, but also the games itself.

As some of you would know, recent major changes include mobile casino opportunities with HTML5 software eliminate the thing that need to download any apps or software. Casinos are also being geared toward virtual reality, which once again changes the opportunities available with online gambling, especially in terms of gaming features.

With virtual reality being introduced, we might see new types of casino games being created, even some that don’t include reels, but rather adventures that require skill to unlock winnings. However, it would take years before pokies become a thing of the past, and most would say it would never happen. Instead, new games would become available, but pokies would always evolve with the gambling technology. Regardless of what they look like, there will no doubt be new NZ online casinos popping up in the near future.

Last Updated: June 1, 2022