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Some people are content with winning small amounts of money every day. However, there are some who want to hit the mother lode. Mega Moolah is among the most popular jackpot pokie games in New Zealand due to its big jackpot that will allow players to do just that. Thankfully it’s available at all the best online casinos in New Zealand.

Microgaming casinos are famous for producing tremendously exciting and entertaining pokie games with high graphics. They are the first big online casino software provider. Players can attest to Microgaming’s vast experience in the way they have set up their pokies.

Mega Moolah is a Microgaming online casino pokie machine that they launched in 2006. Since then, the game has become extremely popular in the gaming industry for its jackpot. It revolves around a four jackpot system. Mega Moolah is a pokie game that takes bettors in the middle of the jungle for a special experience like no other.

Mega Moolah is a safari-themed pokie that is packed with action offering Kiwi players a chance to become instant millionaires overnight. The pokie game has made many players millionaires over the years. Its jackpots are mammoth, starting from $1,000,000. The game comes with low volatility, which makes it perfect for both new and experienced players. It’s a fun-themed pokie that is simple for both casual and high rollers.

As of 2020 the total amount Mega Moolah has paid out to winners on their life-changing jackpot is $948 million.

Mega Moolah Free Spins NZ June 2021
Rank Casino Bonus Visit Info Review
Jackpot City NZ Logo of Jackpot City NZ casino 120 Spins Play now
  • 120 Bonus Spins on Mega Moolah with $20 deposit
  • Incredible sign-up bonus for Kiwis
Jackpot City NZ
Captain Cooks Casino Logo of Captain Cooks Casino casino $5 Gets + 100 free spins Play now
  • $5 for 100 Free Spins on Mega Moolah
  • Downloadable software casino
Captain Cooks Casino
Royal Vegas NZ Logo of Royal Vegas NZ casino 50 Spins Play now
  • 50 Free Spins on Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad
  • Award-winning customer service
Royal Vegas NZ

Launched by Microgaming in 2009, the game offers an impressive four-tiered Progressive jackpot, exceptional graphics, and seamless game play. This is one of the main reasons why Mega Moolah is so famous around the world. The 25 pay-line, 5-reel online slot machine really knows how to attract the crowds by offering a collection of impressive bonuses and prizes and it just so happens to have one of the biggest jackpot wheels on the internet. Mega Moolah jackpot resets to a minimum of 1 million NZ dollars after it is hit so no matter when you win, you will be a millionaire. If the jackpot doesn't get hit for long enough, you may just have the chance to beat the current biggest jackpot ever won at 18.9 million euros. The marvelous multipliers, wonderful free spins, sensational scatters, generous wild symbols, and colourful animals all ensure your experience is high on rewards!

How to Play Mega Moolah

Basic Rules

  1. When you play Mega Moolah, you can select up to 25 paylines while most casinos offer a fixed 25 payline version.
  2. The game supports up to 5 coins betting per payline with 125 coins being the maximum bet.
  3. The bet size ranges from $0.01 to $0.05 meaning the total bet ranges from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $6.25.
  4. The total bet you place is the number of coins (1 to 5) you are betting multiplied by the number of paylines (1-25) multiplied by the bet dollar size ($0.01 to $0.05).
  5. In order for you to win, the same symbols need to be appearing next to each other on a payline, with the starting symbol of the series displayed on the first and leftmost slot reel.
  6. You are paid per payline for regular wins. If you have more than one combination, you are paid the highest value of all paylines.
  7. Wild and Scatter symbols are also added to increase your chances of winning.
  8. The Wild symbol, the Lion, replaces any symbol to complete a series but will not replace a Scatter symbol. It also doubles the win amount.
  9. The Scatter symbol, the Monkey, will complete a win regardless of where the scatter is located. Three Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins round.
  10. The Bonus Round that includes the million dollar Progressive Jackpot is awarded at random with higher bets having a higher chance of winning.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

Mega Moolah Wild Lion SymbolThe Wild Multiplier uses a “Lion” symbol as in the king of the jungle. This symbol substitutes for other symbols drawn randomly, hence completing combinations that may allow you to win on any given payline. It also doubles the payout of any combination it completes, but it does not substitute for the scatter symbol. The lion or Wild Multiplier symbol also has its own winning combinations.
For instance, if you get 5, 4, 3, or 2 symbols that are appearing on an enabled payline, you may win 15000, 1500, 125, or 15 coins respectively. Combinations that are made entirely of the Wild Multiplier or “Lion” symbols are not multiplied.

Scatter Symbol

Mega Moolah Scatter SymbolThe Scatter uses a “Monkey Symbol” in the Mega Moolah Progressive Slot game. This symbol doesn’t necessarily have to appear next to each other on a payline for payouts and can be scattered anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combinations. This symbol is not scattered by the Wild Multiplier or “Lion” and wins are displayed as a multiplier value on the pay table. Landing three or more Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins bonus round.

Other Regular Symbols

Mega Moolah Ace SymbolAceMega Moolah King SymbolKingMega Moolah Queen SymbolQueenMega Moolah Jack SymbolJackMega Moolah Ten SymbolTen
Mega Moolah Elephant SymbolElephantMega Moolah Buffalo SymbolBufalloMega Moolah Giraffe SymbolGiraffeMega Moolah Zebra SymbolZebraMega Moolah Kudu SymbolKudu

Free Spin Session

Mega Moolah 3 scatter symbols free spins bonus roundThe Free Spins Session of the Mega Moolah game gives you 15 free spins and is automatically activated when there are more than 3 scatters displayed on the five reels. The best thing about this free spin session is that all your wins are tripled. Subsequently, if you win $100, the amount will be tripled – meaning you get $300. Free spins can be re-triggered and scatter wins are added to payline wins in this round. The Progressive Jackpot bonus in this game cannot be activated. This means, you cannot win the total jackpot. You only win the Free Spin Prize amount, which will be added to your total winnings when you return to the regular mode.

Autoplay feature

The Autoplay feature offered by Mega Moolah enables players to take rest, while the machine automatically performs a certain number of spins. However, before the Autoplay feature is enabled, players will be required to select the coins the want to play with and the number of paylines they want to bet on. This feature also enables you to select the number of spins for automatic play, hence reducing the time delay between various stop settings and each spin.


Now that you know how to play, give it a shot for real money with this excellent offer from Jackpot City. $20 gets you 120 additional free spins on Mega Moolah and you still have a massive Welcome Bonus you can tap in to.


Mega Moolah reels screenshotMega Moolah Info ScreenMega Moolah Payout TablesMega Moolah Bonus Round payout info

Mega Moolah Winning Combinations and Game Payouts

To get a winning combination on Mega Moolah, depending on the symbol type, you will need to get at least 2 or 3 symbols grouped together on one of the 25 paylines, where the first symbol must be on Reel 1. To get the actual amount paid out you will need to look at the table below and multiply the coins won by the amount bet, which ranges from $0.01 to $0.05. The free spins bonus round triples your win value. The maximum coins that can be won on Mega Moolah is 225,000. To get this amount you would need to land 5 Wild Lion symbols on any payline during the Free Spins bonus round and bet the full 5 coins. The maximum dollar amount you can win is thus $11,250 (5 coins bet X 15000 win X 3 times free spins bonus= 225,000 coins won X $0.05 bet)

Mega Moolah Winning Combinations
Symbol2 Symbols3 Symbols4 Symbols5 SymbolsMaximum Win
Wild Lion15125150015000225000
Water Buffalo4401506009000
Scatter Monkey23201001500

Mega Moolah Odds

Mega Moolah has a listed Return to Player (RTP) of 88.12% plus an 8.80% contribution to the progressive jackpots making a total 96.92%. This means that normal payout will be quite low for a slot game but the overall payouts, including the progressive jackpots, is a fairly average to above average 97%. The difficulty to calculate odds lies in the amount given to the progressive jackpot. If a given combination of symbols would trigger the bonus round we could calculate the odds, but that is not the case. Since the bonus round to spin the jackpot wheel is given at random, with a higher probability given to higher bets, there will be a large variability in payouts.
The actual odds of winning the Mega progressive jackpot is also unknown due to this random nature. When spinning the jackpot wheel, the odds are not proportional to the sections of the wheel. There are 20 sections of the wheel and the Mega Jackpot is not hit 1/20th of the time. The randomness definitely adds some excitement to this game. When you do get sent to the bonus round it is quite exhilarating giving that jackpot wheel a spin knowing that you are possibly one spot away from becoming a millionaire.

Graphics and Sounds

One of the best things about Mega Moolah is its amazing, fun, and creative graphics and sounds that utilize a light-hearted concept. Since the game is set in Africa and mimics the style of a Jungle, the color scheme is mostly dominated by earthy colors with animal symbols that are witty and fun. These animal symbols include antelopes, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and even lions.
In overall theme and tone, one can say the Mega Moolah is similar to the Major Millions (another progressive slot created by the renowned software provider Microgaming). Graphics are of high quality and the sounds really provide an immersive experience into the slot machine, which features sounds of chanting and tribal drumming along with background music of the jungle and sound of animals. In case of jackpots and scatter wins, an upbeat African tribe-like music is usually noticed and other winning spins are accompanied by the shaking of a rain stick sound.

Progressive Jackpot

Mega Moolah Jackpot Reel
Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel spinningThere is actually no specific rule, method, or strategy you can use for winning the high payout jackpots in the Mega Moolah, as everything is awarded at random when playing the bonus game. The only advantage you can gain is to bet more as larger bets have a larger chance of triggering the bonus game. During the bonus game a player spins the wheel and gains the ability of winning either the Mega, Major, Minor, or Mini Jackpot (four tiers of progressive wins). After they are won they each reset to a minimum amount. The jackpots are paid out in the currency you are playing.
Progressive Jackpot Tiers and Minimum Payouts

  • Mega Progressive -- Starts at $1,000,000
  • Major Progressive -- Starts at $10,000
  • Minor Progressive -- Starts at $100
  • Mini Progressive -- Starts at $10

Since the game is a progressive slot jackpot, the potential winnings increase as more people play and can add up to a million dollars or even more. If won, the entire jackpot is paid out in a lump sum and not in instalments.
Therefore, it is not hard to determine that Jackpots are won regularly. The four tiers of progressive jackpots include Mini of $10, Minor of $100, Major of $10,000, and Mega of $1,000,000. This feature of the game is played on a separate screen. A large wheel typically appears that is divided into 20 segments: 10x mini jackpots, 6x Minor Jackpots, 3x Major Jackpots, and 1x Mega Jackpots. Although winning of the jackpot is random, you can increase your chances of winning by betting higher. However, it is important to keep in mind that the game is incredibly volatile.

Mega Moolah Largest Jackpot Winners

The jackpot is normally quoted in Euros, as that is the default currency, but it is actually won in the currency being played. So if you are playing from New Zealand with NZD, you bet in dollars and are paid out in dollars. The prize size thus varies depending on where it is won. For the following list we have converted all winnings to Euros so that the amount could be easily compared.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Biggest Winners
RankWinnerNationalityJackpot AmountCasinoDate Won
1M.D.¹Unknown€18,915,872.81Grand MondialSep 2018
2Jon Heywood²UK€17.88 MillionBetway CasinoOct 2015
3PlayerSweden€14.24 MillionLucky CasinoAug 2020
4E.O.³Canada€13.34 MillionZodiac CasinoJan 2019
5L.V.US Dollar Win€11.55 MillionLuxury CasinoMar 2019
6PlayerCanada€10.74 MillionJackpot CityApr 2020
7PlayerNorway€8.01 MillionTipicoApr 2017
8D.P.Europe€7.97 MillionZodiacAug 2016
9Marcus GoodwinCanada€7.79 MillionYakoNov 2016
10PlayerUnknown€7.74 MillionUnibetSep 2017
11PlayerNew Zealand€7.70 MillionRiver BelleMay 2020
12PlayerUnknown€6.91 MillionSpin PalaceApr 2016
13 C.F.Canada€6.68 MillionZodiacMar 2017
14Georgios M.Greece€6.37 MillionRiver BelleMay 2009
15Rawiri PouNew Zealand€6.36 MillionCasinolandJun 2016
16UnknownUK€6.29 MillionUnknownMay 2019
17Nicolas ChasséCanada€6.08 MillionCaptain CooksJan 2017

¹ Largest Ever Progressive Jackpot Win! Also, Largest Ever Mobile Win.
² The previous record was 17.9 Million euros and held the Guinness World Record:
³ This win is a record jackpot size of 20,059,287.27 which was won in Canadian dollars and reported here in Euros making it the 3rd largest win by currency value.
*As of Sep 28, 2018 we now have a new Largest Ever Progressive Jackpot win on Mega Moolah. An unknown player from Grand Mondial hit the big one to the tune of 18.9 million Euros!

Mega Moolah Jon Heywood WinMore news has been published about the new World Record online progress jackpot win. It was won with a $0.75 bet after only 50 spins at Grand Mondial Casino, which is part of the Casino Rewards group of casinos. Most of their casinos specialize in Mega Moolah Welcome bonus offers. The winner has chosen to remain anonymous but Microgaming did tell us that they won the big jackpot while playing on their Android phone.
The previous record-breaking Mega Moolah jackpot of €17.9 million was won by Jonathon Heywood (a British soldier from Cheshire, UK) on the 6th of October, 2015. Note, these records are for online jackpots. Land based casino jackpots can be even bigger. Another player from New Zealand, Rawiri Pou won over NZ$10 million in 2016 on the 17th of June while playing at Casinoland, changing his life completely. New Zelanders have won the big prize a few times with a recent $13.6 million NZD win at River Belle  casino in May 2020.

Mega Moolah Recent Jackpot Winners

Mega Moolah Jackpot Recent Winners
WinnerNationalityJackpot AmountCasinoDate Won
UnknownNZ€7.70 MillionRiver Belle08 May 2020
UnknownCanada€10.74 MillionJackpot City05 Apr 2020
UnknownNZ€2.77 MillionUnknown30 Dec 2019
UnknownUK€3.29 MillionGenesis Casino08 Nov 2019
H.T.EU€3.56 MillionGrand Mondial16 Oct 2019
D.H.Canada€3.03 MillionGrand Mondial05 Sep 2019
S.G.Canada€3.24 MillionYukon Gold05 Sep 2019
UnknownCanada€4.02 MillionJackpot City10 Aug 2019
UnknownUK€3.38 MillionUnknown17 Jun 2019
UnknownUK€5.67 MillionUnknown24 May 2019
UnknownCanada€5.55 MillionUnknown04 May 2019
R.M.Canada€2.20 MillionCaptain Cooks06 Mar 2019
L.V.US Dollar Win€11.55 MillionLuxury Casino05 Mar 2019
E.O.Canada€13.34 MillionZodiac30 Jan 2019
M.D.TBD€18.9 MillionGrand Mondial29 Sep 2018
PlayerNZ¹€4.93 MillionJackpot City24 Jun 2018
S.K.Unknown€4.60 MillionGrand Mondial19 Apr 2018
F.D. Germany€4.37MillionCaptain Cook's8 Mar 2018
PlayerUK€4.77MillionRoyal Vegas27 Feb 2018
D.S.Unknown€2.42 MillionZodiac14 Jan 2018
M.G.Unknown€5.02 MillionGrand Mondial18 Dec 2017
K.T.Canada€0.94 Million²Grand Mondial15 Nov 2017

¹ This Mega Moolah Jackpot win was in 8.33 Million of unknown currency. Since the jackpot was reset to 4.03 Million we can deduce that the win was in NZD. Update: Microgaming have updated that the win was from Jackpot City Casino.
² Mega Moolah minimum jackpot win is $1,000,000 in the currency being played. The win was $1.4 million Canadian dollars and reported here in Euros.

Special Features

Mega Moolah can also be played on mobile. The game is supported on a variety of platforms including iOS, Blackberry OS, Android, and Windows through Microgaming's Quickfire platform. This means, you do not need to download the casino software and can enjoy gaming on your smartphone or tablet be it an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc. In addition to mobile support, Mega Moolah features 15x free spin features, a scatter symbol which triggers free spins, and a lion symbol that acts like a wild multiplier to trigger winnings on any spin.
The top prize never goes below $1 million and some lucky players have even managed to win over 10$ million by winning the full payout. This just goes to prove there is no limit as to how much players can win when playing this lucrative Progressive Jackpot. The rewards keep climbing until and unless somebody wins it. Therefore, if you want to win a huge jackpot and enjoy a game of betting, then playing Mega Moolah is definitely a good option.

Mega Moolah Mobile Gaming

Technology has made it easier for people to access more services. One of such is mobile gaming which has transformed online betting. Now, more gaming developers have designed their games with mobile gamers in mind.

Mega Moolah on mobilePlayers now don’t need to set in front of their desktops at home or work to wager on their favourite games. This applies to those who fancy Mega Moolah as they can now play it on their mobile devices.

The best part is that New Zealand players can now bet on Mega Moolah pokie on their smartphones and tablets without having to download and install an app. The mobile version will provide them with the same gaming experience as a desktop version.

Whether they are using iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile devices, they will enjoy the same bonus features, incredible graphics and the four-tiered progressive jackpot whenever and wherever.

Mega Moolah Game Variations

Mega Moolah is a series of interconnected slot games with a few variations that all add to the progressive jackpot. A small fraction of every bet made, from every online casino that carries the games, goes towards building the Bonus Round jackpots. The intent was to give players more variation on their gaming play but still have a chance to win the massive jackpot and dream of becoming an instant Millionaire. Currently, the only other slot game available in New Zealand is Mega Moolah Isis. The other games have either been discontinued or are not available at most online casinos, Guts online casino NZ will be the exception.

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah

mega moolh absolootly mad pokie gameIn light of Mega Moolah’s extreme popularity, Triple Edge has added another rendition of the game to the series. Based upon the tale of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, players are treated to a new turn of incredible jackpot prizes. Like its predecessors, there are 4 progressive jackpots to look forward to unlocking;

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Minor Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot

Though there are many similarities between all the Mega Moolah video slots, there are a few features that allows Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah to stand apart from the series. There are 243 ways to win and during this time the game has been developed to unlock bonus features.

The bonus features that have been developed into the design of the game include 4 progressive jackpots, rolling reels, progressive multipliers and free spins. During the base game, wilds are collected to trigger the Jackpot Wheel. Here there are 20 colored segments. Once the wheel begins its spinning cycle the indicator will land on a color. This color represents the jackpot that is paid out.

Just like Mega Moolah, Absolootly Mad doesn’t have a set jackpot amount. The jackpot increases upon each deposit made. Despite this, however, the jackpot totals do have a minimum payout beginning at 10.00 and reaching an impressive payout of 1 000 000!

The game has been expertly designed with a colorful and lyrical theme that defines its name. It may boast a number of similarities to Mega Moolah, but the theme itself has categorized this title under fantasy. The graphics lean toward a more classic theme but has been designed with more modern functionality and the bonus features makes for lucrative gameplay.

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah is a welcome addition for those who enjoy creative and inventive means of landing winning combinations and have good luck at unlocking jackpot prizes!

Mega Moolah Isis

Mega Moolah Isis Icon

In this day and age, the name Isis is something we associate with some bad guys in the Middle East. Before such craziness, for thousands of years, Isis was solely known as one of the most revered ancient Egyptian Goddesses. The Universal or Mother Goddess encompassed all things feminine and her many powers included being the Goddess of Magic and Wisdom. The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot that features her name is a phenomenal game and she is also the game's Wild Symbol.

As in the Safari-themed game, the Wild and Multiplier Isis will double your winnings when it replaces a symbol to connect a winning series. The Hawk represents the Scatter Symbol and it is a little more powerful than the Monkey in the standard game. Landing 3 Hawk symbols triggers the Free Spins round but in this case you get 20 Free Spins, 4 Hawks will net 25 Free Spins and 5 Hawks will result in 30 Free Spins, all with a 6 times multiplier. Free Spins can also be re-triggered.

Mega Moolah Isis Hawk symbolThe pay table is also slightly different. For example, the payouts for landing 5, 4, 3, or 2 Isis on a payline is 10,000, 2000, 250 and 10 respectively. The final difference is that Mega Moolah Isis allows you to gamble any win. Each time you win you can either Collect or Gamble your winnings. The Gamble feature allows you to bet on red/black OR on a card suit that will double or quadruple your winnings respectively. You can continue gambling until you lose or collect your winnings at any time.

Mega Moolah Summertime

Mega Moolah Summertime iconMega Moolah Summertime is a lighter and more fun classic fruit-themed slot game that is also tied in to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. The game has only 9 paylines but allows you to bet up to 90 coins. Bets can also be from $0.01 to $0.20 giving a max bet of $18.00. The Wild symbol is the Summertime logo and, like the standard Mega Moolah game, they double your win when triggered. The Scatter symbol is the Cool Beach and it too follows the recipe of the original where getting three anywhere will send you to the Free Spin bonus round where you get 15 spins and wins triple in value. All the classic fruit symbols are here like Cherries, Bars and Bells along with some summertime fruit like Melons and bling like Diamonds. Getting 5 Summertime Wild symbols will net you 10,000 times your bet which would triple if hit in the Free Spins round. This game is currently unavailable in NZ as far as we are aware.

Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive

Mega Moolah 5 wheel drive iconMega Moolah 5 Reel Drive is a Road Trip themed version of the classic Mega Moolah progressive slot and is also tied into the jackpot. The game has 15 paylines and you can bet up to 15 coins and bet anywhere from $0.01 to $0.15. The symbols for the game revolve around a wild road trip with lots of fast food, Fuzzy Dice, Trucker, crazy Drivers and Flaming Tires. Unlike the regular game where the Bonus symbol is the largest payout, the Flaming tires are the biggest payout in this game where 5 together give 10,000 coins. The Wild symbol is the Wild Road Sign and replaces any other symbol other than the scatter but does not double your win like the other games in this series. The Scatter symbol is the Police Car and three of them trigger the Free Spins bonus round as usual. The free spins round consists of 10 Free Spins that pay out five times the normal win putting the largest jackpot you can get (other than the progressive one of course) at 50,000 coins. This game is currently unavailable in NZ as far as we are aware.

Dark Knight (No Longer Available)

Mega Moolah Dark Knight iconThe Dark Knight is a Batman-themed slot game that was branded after the movie of the same title. As of 2016, the Dark Knight is no longer connected to Microgaming or the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.


Although Mega Moolah is famous for its mega jackpot, that isn’t all that makes it a favourite pokie among Kiwis. Players can still win massive amounts of money in the regular game. They can win 75,000 and 225,000 coins in the free spin round.

The pokie is also famous for its beautiful graphics, exciting free spins and other features. It not only promises players a million-dollar jackpot, but they can also strike a balance with numerous small wins.

Why haven’t you tried your luck with the pokie? Register an account with them, and you might be the next mega jackpot winner.

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Last Updated: March 14, 2021