How to Join Online Casino VIP Programs: A Guide for High Rollers

A wise man once said, “the only thing better than winning is winning big.” Many high rollers would agree with this statement because betting big would result in a massive payout if they’re lucky enough. For this reason, many NZ online casinos and betting companies have created special programs for their high rollers and loyal customers.

These programs are known as VIP programs. VIP programs supersede regular gaming for many reasons. For one, you get to play with other big-risk takers like yourself.

The stakes are higher, and it’s clear why. So, how do you get into these programs, and what are the benefits

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The VIP Experience

Like any loyalty reward package, the VIP program offers thrilling and rewarding games structured in levels where players compete. They are crafted to keep the player’s head in the game, creating the desire to return for more. They offer special treatment to high rollers that can reach advanced levels.

The Benefits of Joining a VIP Program

A highlight of joining a VIP program in any online casino is the presence of dazzling benefits that players stand to enjoy.

These benefits and rewards may vary from casino to casino, but players are assured of rich rewards, such as:

VIP Benefits
  • Free spins
  • Quick-release of payments
  • Increased deposits limit
  • Discounts on some games and gaming rooms
  • Increased withdrawal limits
  • Invitation to events hosted by the casino
  • Regular customer loyalty raffle draws
  • Access to exclusive tournaments and games
  • Conferment of trust to hold essential positions; some casinos reward loyal high rollers with good work, like a VIP account manager.

Accessing VIP Programs

Many online casinos have special sections on their sites for their loyal customers and high-rollers. The beauty of these programs is the exclusivity and opportunity to win. There are many ways to join these exclusive VIP programs. Here are a few of them:

Automatic Entry

Some casinos feel that every player is their most important player and grant automatic VIP access to anyone who applies. Usually, these casinos don’t offer many benefits of being a VIP, and players do not need to be high rollers to be accepted.

Application Entry

Most casinos require prospective VIPs to apply, and that application comes with depositing a sizeable amount of money. And by sizeable, we’re talking upwards of 5 figures. Usually, the level of gameplay in VIP programs is more advanced, making them extra attractive to seasoned players who want to compete with some real competition.

Invitation Entry

Some more exclusive VIP programs recruit players themselves, and players are personally invited by the casino when they are recognized as high-rolling members. These are the most exclusive of the exclusive VIP programs, where players are highly skilled and are willing to stake large sums.

Sign Up with a Site

For many online casinos, players can directly sign up for the VIP program they offer. The procedure is relatively easy and might look something like this:

  • Select an online casino that offers a signup VIP program. Review the requirements, security measures, bonuses, terms, conditions, etc. Some VIP programs require players to stake large amounts, so you must ensure you can afford to do so. Find out if you need to enroll for the VIP status or if it comes directly with the signup.
  • If the casino does require players to enroll for the VIP status, there should be a button leading to the application. Fill it out and wait a few days for a response.

Why Should You Sign Up as a VIP Member?

The status of a VIP member gives a player an edge over others as it shows they are excellent gamblers. And beyond the status, numerous benefits are not available to regular players.

If you are interested in enjoying some of the rewards mentioned above, the VIP program may be what you need. Ultimately, players would have to decide if they want to update their status to that of a VIP.

Tip: when picking the VIP program of New online casinos, you will receive even greater rewards and bonuses just because it is trying to make a good impression and gain a positive reputation.

VIP Cards

Final Word

Online betting and other casino activities are thrilling and make players feel alive. High rollers can flex their luck by betting on the big stage – the VIP rooms. With all the benefits mentioned above, signing up for a VIP program is truly rewarding, and getting accepted may not be as difficult as you think.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022