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casino chips and dice on a card tableThe casino gambling world has been evolving for years, with new games constantly appearing in both the brick and mortar and the online arena. Today there are dozens of different games you can play in casinos around the world and online casinos have not only adopted all of the live casino games, but have gone a step further, introducing even more exclusive games.

There are several different types of games available in most online casinos. These include card games, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, Roulette games, slots or pokies, as well as some other games like Bingo, Keno and Video Poker. You can find more info about all of the games by clicking on the game of interest below.

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Online Pokies

pokies iconSlots, commonly referred to as pokies are the staple of the online casino industry. With hundreds of different pokies available in casinos across the internet, there is never a dull moment while playing these games. From classic old fashioned slots, to brand new video slots featuring massive progressive jackpots, there is something for everyone in the pokies arena. Find out more about online pokies here!

Online Card Games

bj-blackBack in the day, there was no electronic devices to help people gamble and cards were invented to allow players to compete, gamble and have fun. Games such as Blackjack and Baccarat Online have been all the rage in European and Asian casinos for decades and now you can access these exciting card games at dozens of online casinos with a click of the mouse. Read more details about Online blackjack here!

Online Dice Games

diceAnother common tool used for gambling, dice are the main tool of many gambling games such as Sic Bo and Craps. Dice gambling is another common form of online casino games and most operators offer these games as a part of their games offering. You can find out more details about the dice games by checking out our detailed online craps article here!

Online Video Poker

video-poker-blackVideo poker is the original form of electronic gambling. Early on, all the slots were video poker games, and the very word pokie derives from these games. Video poker games are famous for high payouts and fairly low variance and are commonly played by the old school players. Check out more info about video poker games you can play online here!

Online Roulette

roulette-blackPerhaps the most commonly played casino game in the brick and mortar establishments, roulette is a game with many forms and variations, all played with a little ball spinning through a circle of numbers which spins in the opposite direction. To find out more about roulette and where you can play roulette games, check out this detailed online roulette guide here.

Number Games

kenoFor those players who prefer not to gamble on the classic gambler’s games and are in it more for the fun and socializing, games like Keno and Bingo are available. These simple numbers games are there to meet your needs if you have no interest in hardcore gambling, so make sure to check out our detailed Online Bingo guide and Online Keno jump into the games.

Live Casino Games

dealerLive casino games in online casinos are somewhat of a novelty but one that has caught on pretty fast, with most online casinos now also providing a live casino element. Live casino games allow you to play real games with real dealers from your home using live camera streams. Find out more about live casino games in our detailed instructions on our live casinos page here.

live dealer casino games

Mobile Casino Games

mobileMobile devices have become a huge part of our everyday lives in recent years and there is no doubt that we are spending more time online using our mobiles than our desktops at the moment. This is why most online casinos also allow you to play your favourite games such as roulette, blackjack and pokies using your mobile phones and tablets. Find out even more about mobile games and their availability here.

Free Casino Games Online

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular in these times, and for good reason. Whether you are looking to make some extra money or simply want to enjoy the experience of spinning the reels, playing at an online casino is the perfect solution. However, if you are breaking into the world of online casinos for the first time, you might be better off not risking your hard-earned money just yet.
By playing a few free casino games, you can better familiarize yourself with different types of casino games and work on your skills to give yourself the best possible chance of winning when you place real money bets later on. From online slots and table games to poker and what not, there are many online casinos that allow you to play your favourite games free.

, by playing free casino games you can get all the practice you need to succeed when you play with real money!

Whatever you reason may be, when you are playing free casino games you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You can improve your skills, learn a new casino game, or try a new strategy in a fun, risk-free way.

How to Play for Free at Online Casinos

You will come across many online casinos that will let you play their games for free. Majority of the Kiwis have a free or demo version that allows players to play free casino games, via either downloaded software or instant play in your computer’s web browser. In most cases, you are not even required to register an account with the online casino, and can start playing straight away.

For those who enjoy playing on the go, there are several opportunities to play free casino games through your tablet or mobile. Both Android and iOS users can find many free mobile casino games on the web, which can be either downloaded or instantly played on their device.

More often than not, there is no difference between the free and real casino playing. This means that when you feel confident that your time playing free casino games has prepared you for the real experience, you can conveniently transition to the real thing and play for real money.

Advantages of Playing Free Casino Games

While many players believe that playing free casino games is a waste of time, the fact of the matter is that they are fantastic way to become a better player and bigger winner.  Even if you are a seasoned player looking to take the pressure off for a while, you are sure to love playing your favourite games at an online casino. Here are some advantages of playing free casino games:

1. Enjoy risk-free fun

You probably started playing at online casinos because they were exciting and fun, but then got interested in playing for money. With free casino games, you have the opportunity to remember the fun of playing the best casino games for the sake of it without any pressure. When you play for money, you can easily be caught up with winning and losing. Playing for free, on the other hand, allows players to just enjoy the experience and let all that go.

2. Play for as long as you need

Unless you have a huge stash in the bank, you will have to stop wagering real money at some point or another. However, when you play your favourite casino games free, the fun never ends and you can play for as long as you need.

3. Learn games with no pressure

Always wanted to play blackjack? It is one of the most widely played casino game in the world, but as with other casino games, having a good understanding of the rules is crucial to play successfully and have fun. By playing free, players can learn the rules and build up their confidence and skills before they wager real money.

4. Test new casinos and games

One of the biggest advantages of playing free casino games is that it allows you to test new casinos and their offerings before you set up an account. Every player has a bunch of games they love and return to play repeatedly, but a little variation does not hurt and gives you the opportunity to get out of that gaming rut and find new favourites.

5. Improve your technique

Although many online casino games are based on chance, most of them do have an element of strategy involved to increase your chances of winning. If you are looking to try out a new baccarat strategy or improve your blackjack strategy, by playing free casino games you can get all the practice you need to succeed when you play with real money!

Whatever you reason may be, when you are playing free casino games you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You can improve your skills, learn a new casino game, or try a new strategy in a fun, risk-free way.

Conclusion: More Games Than You Can Handle

The real truth is that online casinos offer more casino games than any brick and mortar casino out there and you will never be short on games when you play online. In fact, you will probably never try all the games on offer and this is a great thing as it means there is always something new to try out.

Whichever type of casino games you prefer, you can read our detailed pages about it, learn all the rules, tips and tricks and find the best places to play the games online. We hope that you will find the right game for yourself with our help and that you will enjoy many hours of fun and winnings at the various online casinos on offer. Find all these games the best NZ casinos on our home page.

Last Updated: April 18, 2021